Christmas/New Year Emergency Cover – 2019/2020

The office of Lickley Proctor Lettings will be closed from 1.00 p.m. 24th December 2019 and will open again at 9.00 a.m. on Friday 3rd January 2020.  Should circumstances arise requiring an emergency or urgent repair then you should contact an appropriate tradesman without delay and subsequently inform us of any such matter before 10.30 a.m. on 3rd January 2020.  You will be recompensed in such circumstances.  However, you must note that should the cause of the problem be attributable to anything you have done/or not done then you will be responsible for payment of the invoice in full.  If there is any action that you can take to delay an emergency call-out, then you should do so and thereafter inform us immediately whereupon we will adopt appropriate procedures.  Contact details for emergency tradesmen are as follows:-


  • Electrician – Davie Electrical Services: 01382 521807 or Pulse Electrical (Dundee) Ltd: 07920837076


  • Plumbing/Heating Engineer – Dorian Plumbing: 07734111060 or W.H.Donachie Plumbing & Heating Ltd: 07722018298 and 07721488129 or Grant Dein: 07897253160


  • Joiner – Fax Joiners: 07900931797


  • Roofing Contractor – M.A. Roofing: 07835209874


If you have any difficulties in receiving a response from these tradesmen then you can contact an alternative appropriate tradesman as previously suggested.  If the emergency relates to some other urgent matter then please phone or text 07714480284



Thank you for your co-operation in this respect.



Lickley Proctor Lettings